9 Styles of Wine For People Who Don’t Like Wine

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Wine, oh wine! It’s a beverage that can stir up strong emotions. Some people absolutely adore it, while others can’t stand the mere thought of it.

You see, there’s a wine for every palate. Some wines might be drier and more bitter, appealing to those who crave a bold and complex experience. On the other hand, you have wines that are fruity and sweet, almost resembling a delightful glass of juice. And let’s not forget about the rainbow of colors in the wine world—white, rosé, and red wines each offer their own unique character.

Of course, taste is subjective. Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to drinking wine. And it’s totally okay if wine drinking hasn’t won you over just yet. It can take time to appreciate its intricate flavors and nuances.

So, let me introduce you to some of the best options when it comes to wine for people who don’t like wine. These white and red wines might just surprise you and open the door to a whole new world of wine enjoyment.

1. Concord

First up on our list of the best wines for people who aren’t easily impressed by wine is Concord. If you want to drink wine but you’re not particularly interested in white or red wines, give Concord wine a try. This delightful concoction is made from Concord grapes, primarily grown in the Northeastern United States.

Concord wine is known for its sweetness, reminiscent of grape juice and grape jam. It’s a popular choice among non-wine drinkers who still want to enjoy a wine-like experience. With its bold fruity flavor, this wine is similar to Welch’s grape juice, but with a delightful twist.

It manages to strike a balance, offering a hint of sweetness without overpowering the taste buds. If you’re a fan of grape juice, this might just be the ideal wine for you! Unlike most red wines that tend to be dry and bitter, Concord wine stands apart, resembling a delightful dessert wine.

While it certainly falls into the sweet wine category, Concord wine is not as sweet as others. The Concord grape variety naturally contains less sugar than other wine grapes, resulting in a wine that strikes a pleasant balance of sweetness.

It’s perfect for sipping on its own, and it pairs exceptionally well with complementary flavors like cheese and chocolate. Whether you’re enjoying a warm summer day or indulging in a grilled meat feast at a barbecue, this wine will be a cool and refreshing touch to the occasion.

2. Cava

Cava, a sparkling wine from Spain, comes from regions like Catalonia and Valencia. If you’re not a fan of wine but still want a bubbly drink, Cava is a great option.

Cava has vibrant and fruity flavors, similar to Champagne. It offers a refreshing taste with hints of lemon, lime, and tropical fruits like peaches and pears. When you smell Cava, you might pick up on subtle notes of oak and chamomile, which adds refreshing element to its flavor.

It’s one of the lighter sparkling wines in terms of alcohol content, and it can vary in sweetness.

You can enjoy Cava on its own or pair it with light foods like cheese, fruits, and salads. It’s perfect for summer, whether you’re at the beach or a beach club.

3. Riesling

Riesling is a highly renowned white grape variety that originates from the Rhine region of Germany and is recognized as one of the world’s most famous grape varieties. It is now cultivated in various regions around the world and is available almost everywhere.

This wine is characterized by its elevated acidity and can exhibit a range from very dry to very sweet.

It is particularly favored by beginner drinkers who have a preference for sweeter wines, making it an ideal choice for those who are just starting to explore the world of wine.

Riesling has an aromatic profile reminiscent of citrus fruits and garden flowers. Its taste is typical of white wine, but it carries undertones of citrus, such as orange and pineapple. It offers a tangy and sweet sensation on the palate, simultaneously invigorating the senses. It has a lower alcohol content, which is perfect for those who prefer lighter white wines, as it won’t quickly intoxicate you.

This wine pairs well with simple fish dishes and salads, and it also complements Asian cuisine, particularly sushi.

4. Lambrusco

Let’s talk about Lambrusco, a delightful red wine grape grown in the enchanting Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This wine offers a unique and fruit-forward taste that sets it apart from other wines. If you’re looking for a wine-drinking experience that doesn’t feel too alcoholic, Lambrusco is an absolute must-try.

The taste of Lambrusco is often compared to grape juice, but it doesn’t stop there. It also exhibits notes of watermelon and cherries, creating a flavor profile that appeals to a wide range of wine enthusiasts.

With its versatility, Lambrusco caters to various palates, making it an excellent choice for any kind of wine drinker. What’s even more fascinating is that Lambrusco wine can span the spectrum from sweet to dry, offering options to suit different preferences.

As you pour a glass of Lambrusco, you’ll be captivated by its beautiful pale ruby color, shimmering in the sunlight. The wine exudes enticing aromas of red fruits like cherries and strawberries, inviting you to indulge in its flavorful embrace. It’s like having a fruit salad in a bottle, and who can resist a good fruit salad?

To truly savor the essence of Lambrusco, it’s best served chilled. This adds a refreshing element to the wine, making it perfect for those warm summer days or when you’re craving a vibrant and lively companion for your meal. Speaking of meals, Lambrusco pairs exceptionally well with classic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta.

5. Moscato

Moscato is a white wine produced from the Muscat grape in Italy. Similar to other wines, Moscato can vary in sweetness, but it is notably recognized for its pronounced fruity taste. It exhibits flavors of oranges, apricots, and other citrus fruits.

If you are fond of orange or apricot juice, Moscato is an ideal wine choice for you. It caters to juice lovers as it also offers a delightful combination of peach and lemon flavors. Many novice wine drinkers venture into the world of wine by starting with juice-like wines such as Moscato.

This wine is perfect for people who typically do not like wine, and it pairs exceptionally well with spicy dishes like chicken wings or curries. It also complements a charcuterie board, but it can be enjoyed on its own as well. Moscato is a great option for the warm summer months.

6. White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is a rosé wine variety crafted from the Zinfandel grape, which is predominantly grown in California.

It is an ideal choice for people who prefer milder alcoholic beverages. Although generally leaning towards a dry profile, this wine can have a moderate level of sweetness.

White Zinfandel exhibits a moderate amount of residual sugar, contributing to its relative sweetness. It has a lower alcohol content compared to other wines, making it an approachable option for those embarking on their wine journey.

It is easy to enjoy and offers an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive wine varieties. It is an excellent choice for people wanting to broaden their drinking horizons.

This wine pairs exceptionally well with rich and savory dishes, such as barbecue, lamb and pork dishes, and baked beans.

7. Brachetto d’Acqui

Brachetto d’Acqui is a sweet red wine produced from the Brachetto grape, a red grape variety cultivated in the picturesque northern Piedmont region of Italy.

This wine undergoes a process known as “frizzante” or “lightly sparkling,” which imparts a gentle carbonation to the red wine, reminiscent of Champagne.

On the palate, Brachetto d’Acqui showcases its sweet and fruity character, offering fruity flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and grape juice. It is a fantastic choice for those who typically don’t lean towards red wines and serves as a refreshing summer wine, thanks to its light and invigorating taste.

Popular among young drinkers, Brachetto d’Acqui provides a fruit-forward flavor profile that is not overpowering, while still delivering a slight buzz.

8. Sangria

Sangria is an great choice for people who typically don’t like wine, as it is a red wine-based cocktail mix.

This exciting beverage can be crafted using both red and white wines, combined with fresh fruits and sweeteners like honey. The mixture is left to sit for a while, allowing the flavors of the fruits to harmonize, resulting in a more flavorful experience compared to some other wines. Sangria has its origins in Spain and is particularly well-suited for summer enjoyment.

One of the appealing aspects of Sangria, especially for non-wine drinkers, is the ability to customize its sweetness level to personal preference, whether that be sweet or dry.

By adding chopped apples, strawberries, oranges, berries, and more, the drink becomes fruity and tangy, reminiscent of juice, effectively masking the taste of alcohol.

As Sangria is diluted with fruit juice and soda, it boasts a lower alcohol content than other beverages. This makes it an excellent option for people who dislike the taste of wine or alcohol in general. Served chilled, it provides a refreshing experience on warm days. It retains the essence of wine while simultaneously offering a distinct flavor profile.

Sangria pairs well with a variety of foods, including brie, lobster, creamy white pasta, and steak.

9. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a white wine that is generally dry, although some winemakers produce semi-sweet variations.

The taste of this wine can be likened to a tall, sparkling glass of lemonade, making it a perfect choice for wine drinkers who love citrus flavors. If you grew up enjoying lemonade and are now seeking a more mature version, this white wine is an excellent option.

It has a distinct, sharp lemony flavor without overpowering the senses. While savoring this wine, you will also detect subtle undertones and hints of other flavors. With its light taste and relatively low alcohol content, Pinot Gris is ideal for individuals who prefer lighter drinks and tend to feel the effects of alcohol quickly. While Pinot Gris wines are typically dry and not excessively sweet, they do exhibit undertones of sweet fruit, such as pear and tropical fruits.

This wine pairs exceptionally well with light dishes and flavors, including salads and creamy risotto. It also complements chicken and seafood, and can be a great accompaniment to a fruit or meat platter. Or, it can be enjoyed on its own as a refreshing summer drink.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone is a wine enthusiast, and that’s perfectly fine! Let’s face it, wine can be an acquired taste that takes time to appreciate. It’s entirely possible that you won’t enjoy red or white wine on your first sip, but hey, maybe the sixth time will be the charm! We all have unique tastes and preferences when it comes to drinks, which can make finding the right wine a bit of a challenge.

If you’re eager to venture into the world of wine but find it difficult to discover wines that suit your liking, especially if you’re not a fan of the taste of alcohol or prefer fruitier options, don’t worry! This post is just what you need to help you find the perfect wine for people who don’t like wine.

Let’s be honest, some wines can be a tad too bitter or have a high alcohol content. But here’s the secret: initial dislike doesn’t mean forever dislike. Many wine lovers have found themselves initially turned off by certain wines, only to later develop a deep appreciation for them (I can relate, it took me a while to develop a taste for Pinot Noir and Merlot).

So, why not give one of the sweet wines from this list a try? You never know, it might just surprise you and become your new favorite.

Stan Kushkin

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