9 Best Wine Pairings With Sushi – Plus Guides What to Avoid

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You know what’s a match made in culinary heaven? Sushi and wine pairings!

So, wine and sushi lovers, in this article, we’ll explore which wines make the perfect sushi companions, and we’ll also unveil some surprising sushi-wine mismatches. Grab your chopsticks and your wine glasses, because it’s about to get deliciously exciting! Let’s dive in!

White Wines With Sushi Matches

First, let’s mention some of the best white wines and sushi combinations:

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Sauvignon Blanc & Sashimi/Vegetarian Rolls/Cucumber Roll

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine known for its zesty acidity and vibrant herbal notes, making it a superb match for lighter sushi varieties like sashimi and vegetarian rolls. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a cucumber roll is a match made in heaven. Yum!

Pinot Grigio & Crab Meat Rolls/Avocado Rolls

With its crisp and refreshing character, Pinot Grigio provides a versatile option for sushi pairing, especially with milder selections such as crab meat rolls and avocado rolls.

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Chardonnay & Shrimp Tempura Roll/Spicy Tuna Roll

When unoaked, Chardonnay offers a gentle, buttery touch that complements sushi with creamy textures, such as a shrimp tempura roll and a spicy tuna roll.

Albariño & Scallop Nigiri/Yellowtail Sashimi

Albariño, with its bright citrus notes, harmonizes beautifully with seafood-focused sushi like scallop nigiri and yellowtail sashimi.

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Red Wines With Sushi Matches

When pairing red wine with sushi, it’s essential to remember to choose a light-bodied wine.

Pinot Noir & Eel /Grilled Salmon Rolls

Known for its soft tannins and red fruit notes, Pinot Noir can be surprisingly versatile when paired with sushi. It’s an excellent choice for sushi with a hint of smokiness, like eel or grilled salmon. Discover additional pairing options for Pinot Noir here.

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Beaujolais & Crab/Shrimp Rolls

Beaujolais, with its fruity and floral flavors, complements sushi with a seafood base, such as crab and shrimp rolls.

Rosé and Sparkling Wines With Sushi Pairings

Why not celebrate life with a bottle of sparkling wine or a delicate rosé wine? Here are some great pairings:

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Champagne & Classic Sashimi/Tuna Sashimi/Avocado Fusion Rolls

Champagne’s bright acidity and effervescence make it a fantastic choice to cut through the richness of sushi. It pairs wonderfully with a wide range of sushi, from classic sashimi to creative fusion rolls, such as the luxurious fatty tuna sashimi or the spicy tuna rolls and avocado fusion rolls.

Prosecco & Cucumber and Avocado/Eeel and Avocado Roll

Prosecco, with its light bubbles and fruitiness, complements various sushi styles, enhancing the dining experience with its refreshing and lively character. This sparkling wine is an excellent match for lighter sushi options, like cucumber and avocado rolls, as well as the delicious eel and avocado roll.

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Rosé Wine & Salmon Nigiri/California Roll

Rosé wine, with its strawberry and citrus flavors, offers a versatile pairing option that can bring out the best in both traditional and modern sushi. It pairs beautifully with classics like salmon nigiri or a California roll.

It even works with more contemporary options like the rainbow roll with a colorful array of fish. And it’s my preferred wine for sushi night. There’s nothing quite like a good rosé with a Philadelphia roll.

Wines That Do Not Pair Well with Sushi

Not all wines go well with sushi. Some wines don’t mix nicely because they have flavors that clash with the delicate taste of sushi.

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Examples of Wines to Avoid When Enjoying Sushi Rolls

Heavy, oaky red wines: Avoid red wines that have strong oak flavors or too much tannin because they can be too powerful for sushi. For example, a heavily oaked Cabernet Sauvignon or an intense Malbec, as they might overshadow the subtle sushi flavors.

Extremely sweet or heavy white wines: Steer clear of any white wine that is very sweet or overly rich, as it can throw off the balance with sushi. Examples include dessert wines like late-harvest Riesling or heavily oaked Chardonnay.

Potential Clashes in Flavors and Textures

Potential clashes in flavors and textures should be taken into consideration when pairing wine with sushi. For example, pairing a very spicy sushi roll, like a spicy tuna roll, with an extremely sweet white wine, such as a dessert wine like Eiswein, might lead to an unbalanced combination.

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General Principles of Sushi and Wine Pairing

Achieving a balanced and harmonious sushi and wine pairing is key. The goal is to create a dining experience where wine complements the flavors and textures of sushi, enhancing both.

Key Factors to Consider (umami, saltiness, acidity, sweetness)

Umami: When you’re enjoying sushi with rich, savory flavors like eel or miso-marinated fish, consider pairing it with a wine that has a hint of umami itself. A Pinot Noir, with its earthy undertones, can complement the sushi’s umami, creating a perfect pairing.

Saltiness: If your sushi has a touch of saltiness, perhaps from soy sauce or pickled vegetables, a wine with a hint of saltiness, like a dry Fino Sherry, can accentuate those flavors.

Acidity: Some sushi can be quite zesty and acidic, like sushi with citrusy sauces or a squeeze of lemon. In such cases, a wine with a crisp acidity, such as Sauvignon Blanc, can mirror and enhance those tangy flavors, creating a refreshing sushi wine pairing.

Sweetness: Sushi with sweet elements, like mango or sweet chili sauce, can benefit from a white wine with a touch of sweetness, like a semi-sweet Riesling. The wine’s sweetness can complement and balance the sushi’s sweet notes for a well-rounded taste experience.

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Regional Variations in Sushi and Wine Pairing

Sushi isn’t the same everywhere, which makes it all the more exciting.There are three main styles, and each style has its special ingredients and flavors, which means you need to choose your wine carefully:

Traditional Japanese Sushi

In Japan, sushi is all about the pure taste of the ingredients and the sushi rice. You’ll find simple but incredible dishes like sashimi, where you get to taste the true flavors of the raw fish. For these, a light and crisp wine like an off-dry Riesling can be a good choice. It complements the clean, fresh taste of the fish.

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American Sushi

American sushi often brings in new flavors and ingredients. Think of California rolls with avocado, imitation crab, or cream cheese, and even spicy mayo on your sushi. With these, you might enjoy a Chenin Blanc, which has a bit of sweetness and is the best wine to balance the spicy mayo and creaminess of some American-style sushi.

Fusion Sushi

Fusion sushi is like a mix of cultures, and it can be very creative. Examples include sushi with crispy tempura, eel sauce, or even a sweet potato roll. For these, a light red wine, like a Pinot Noir, can be a good partner. It complements the mix of flavors and textures in fusion sushi.


So, wine and sushi lovers, did we manage to find the absolute best wine for sushi pairings? Well, not quite, because what you consider the best wine with sushi might be different from someone else’s.

Still, we discovered many options, giving us all the inside information we need for our next visits to sushi restaurants. Now, I’m just itching for some shrimp tempura rolls (after all, I do have a nice bottle of Chardonnay to finish).

Helen Ruiz

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