Can you Bring Unopened Wine on a Plane and How Many?

can i take an unopened bottle of wine through airport


Although flying can be a thrilling experience, there are a lot of questions and uncertainties involved. If you enjoy drinking wine, you might be curious if it’s possible to take your favorite bottles with you on the plane.

In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of wine travel and respond to some frequently asked questions about bringing wine on a plane.

Can You Bring Unopened Wine On a Plane?

Good news: You can usually bring unopened wine on a plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows travelers to bring alcohol in their carry-on or checked bags as long as they adhere to specific rules.

Unopened wine can be transported safely by being packed in your checked luggage. To avoid breaking during handling, make sure they are packed safely using wine bottle guards or padded wine sleeves.

An additional layer of protection can be added if the bottles are placed in the middle of your suitcase, surrounded by clothes or other soft items.

For those who wish to keep their wines close at hand, bringing unopened wine in your carry-on bag is also an option. However, it is critical to follow the TSA’s standards for bringing liquids on board. (1)

Can You Bring Wine On a Plane Carry-On?

To protect the security of every traveler, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has regulations for taking wine on airplanes in place. Although you are allowed to bring wine in your carry-on bag, there are a few crucial things to take into account.

Bottle Size Limitations

The TSA limits the size of liquids in carry-on luggage to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less. All liquids, including wine, are subject to this limitation. So, if you intend to bring wine on board, you must make sure the bottle size complies with these restrictions.

The majority of conventional wine bottles are 750 milliliters (ml), which exceeds this size limit. You have two choices in this situation: either pack the wine bottle in your checked luggage or buy smaller wine bottles that meet the size requirements.

Security Screening

Your bottle of wine must go through the same security screening as other liquids. The wine must be carefully sealed and packaged in a leak-proof bag or protective wine bottle sleeve to speed up the process and avoid any delays.

This not only prevents spillage but also protects your other possessions from damage if the bottle breaks during transit. Remember to adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, which states that you must put all liquids in a quart-sized, clear plastic bag before placing them in your carry-on.

Alcohol Volume

It is crucial to know that airlines may have their own special laws regarding alcohol on board. While the TSA permits you to bring wine on board in your carry-on, certain airlines don’t allow you to drink your own booze, even if it was bought duty-free.

This rule is largely in place for compliance and safety purposes. Therefore, it is a good idea to get detailed information about your airline’s rules and regulations governing alcohol on board before traveling.

If drinking wine during your flight is important to you, you may order wine from the airline’s onboard service during the flight.

Can You Bring Wine in a Checked Bag?

If you have more bottles that go above the carry-on limitations, you can put them in your checked luggage. When transporting wine in a checked suitcase, there are a few crucial things to remember.

Packaging Considerations

Because checked bags are subject to vigorous handling during the transportation process, suitable packing for your wine bottles is vital.

It is highly recommended to purchase bottle guards or sleeves to keep your bottles safe from any breakage. These protective covers are made to absorb the extra shock and they also act as a cushion. Moreover, they are frequently offered in a variety of materials, such as bubble wrap or neoprene.

Although it is typically acceptable to transport wine in checked bags, it is extremely important to check the local laws, especially if you are traveling abroad. The reason for this is that the amount of alcohol you can import without paying customs fees or tariffs may vary by country.

Some nations may ask you to declare the wine at customs upon arrival, especially if the quantity exceeds the permitted limitations.

As a result, it is strongly advised that you research and become acquainted with the alcohol import restrictions of your destination country in order to assure compliance and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Baggage Allowance

Consider your airline’s baggage allowance while packing wine in your checked bag. The maximum weight and number of permitted checked bags may vary depending on the airline.

It’s important to note that bottles of wine can significantly increase the weight of your luggage. Consider your entire luggage weight and the maximum weight permitted to avoid paying extra baggage fees or encountering difficulties at the check-in counter.

What’s more, keep in mind that checked bags may be handled improperly by being moved roughly or stacked with other bags. Packing wine bottles securely and dispersing the weight equally within your suitcase can help reduce the danger of breaking.

How Many Bottles of Wine Can You Check in Your Luggage?

Several factors, including airline regulations, your destination, and the baggage weight limit, can affect how much wine you can include in your checked bag.

Here are some broad guidelines to help you prepare, even though the specific requirements may differ:

wine on plane

Check Airline Restrictions

Different airlines may have different policies in terms of the transportation of wine and other alcoholic beverages. To learn about any restrictions on the number of wine bottles you can bring, it is imperative to call your airline in advance.

Some carriers may impose a maximum limit or charge additional fees for alcohol transportation. To avoid any unpleasant shocks at the airport, familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies.

Consider Customs Regulations

It’s critical to understand the customs policies of your destination country if you’re traveling abroad. You are only allowed to bring a certain amount of alcohol into some countries.

If you go over these restrictions, you risk fines or having your extra bottles taken away. To ensure compliance and a straightforward entry free of any unwelcome problems, research the customs regulations of your destination.

Mind the Weight Limit

Although there may not be a set restriction on the number of wine bottles you can check, it’s crucial to be aware of the weight restrictions set by your airline. Wine bottles can be heavy and going over the weight limit for checked luggage may result in extra charges.

To make sure you don’t exceed the permitted weight light, consider the weight of the bottles, the weight of your other belongings, and any weight restrictions specified by your airline.

Pack Securely

You must take precautions to avoid breaking wine bottles while putting them in your checked luggage. To cushion each bottle and guard against breakage, wrap each one in clothes or bubble wrap.

Use specialized wine bottle covers or wrap the bottles in sealed, leak-proof bags to help prevent any potential leaks and secure your possessions.

In order to minimize movement and lower the danger of breakage, make sure the bottles are packed tightly inside your luggage.

Consider Wine Shipping Services

Use companies that provide wine shipping services if you have specific worries about the safe handling of your wine bottles or if you intend to transfer a large quantity of them.

These companies specialize in wine shipping and can provide secure packaging as well as transportation for your valuable bottles. While there may be additional charges associated with this option, it guarantees professional handling and a peaceful mind during the journey.

For the most up-to-date and correct information regarding the transportation of wine on an aircraft, it is always advisable to double-check with your airline and consult the official sources of information. Keep in mind that rules and regulations can change.

By planning ahead of time and taking the appropriate measures, you can enjoy the convenience of carrying your favorite bottles of wine and enrich your vacation.

Bringing Wine on the Plane: Essential Tools for the Wine Enthusiast on the Go

Having the proper travel gear can make bringing your favorite bottle of wine on a flight a hassle-free and delightful experience. Here are some suggestions for the best wine travel tools you should take along:

  • Wine Bottle Protectors

Wine bottle protectors are helpful since they reduce the chance of damage when transporting wine. These protective sleeves or bags are intended to absorb shocks and prevent breakage during transit.

Inflatable bottle sleeves, cushioned bottle bags, and neoprene bottle protectors are common choices that offer insulation and cushioning while maintaining consistent temperatures to safeguard the wine from adverse weather.

These protectors provide you with a piece of mind and allow you to travel with confidence, knowing that your valuable bottles are safe.

  • Spill-Proof Wine Glassware

Due to the possibility of spills, drinking wine while traveling might be difficult. Fortunately, spill-proof wine glasses provide a solution. These cutting-edge glasses have spill-resistant features like lids or sealing mechanisms that prevent leaks and spills while you are in transit. Moreover, they are especially useful when flying by plane.

Consider purchasing wine glasses made of sturdy, lightweight, shatterproof materials like BPA-free plastic or stainless steel. Spill-proof wine glassware allows you to enjoy your wine without having to worry about spills or making a mess.

  • Wine Carrier Bags

Wine carrier bags make it possible to transport wine bottles simply and safely. These bags are specifically designed to secure bottles and frequently have padded pockets or separators to minimize clinking and potential damage.

Some wine carrier bags also have insulating features to aid in preserving the wine’s temperature. This is especially advantageous if you’re shipping delicate or temperature-sensitive wines, which need particular conditions to maintain their flavor and quality.

  • Wine Suitcase or Luggage Inserts

For the safe and convenient transportation of wine bottles, specialized travel products such as wine suitcases or luggage inserts are available.

These bags frequently have a hard shell exterior for durability and impact resistance. Since the foam inserts are often adjustable, you can change the compartments’ sizes and shapes to match various bottle types.

Some wine suitcases even have temperature control devices, such as insulation or built-in cooling systems, to keep your wines at the proper temperature.

By making the necessary investments in these essential tools, you can fly with assurance knowing that your wine will arrive undamaged and ready to be opened and enjoyed whenever you feel like it.

With these wine travel tools, you may completely enjoy and appreciate your favorite bottles of wine wherever your travels take you. They offer convenience, protection, and ease of use regardless of your mode of transportation.


Yes, you can bring wine on a plane, either in your carry-on or your checked luggage. By following TSA requirements, airline policies, and local regulations, you can drink your favorite wine while traveling.

To guarantee that your bottles arrive at your destination safely, emphasize proper packing and protection. You will be well-prepared to begin your wine journey while soaring through the skies if you adhere to the recommendations we’ve provided in this article.

Good luck on your journey and cheers to enjoying your favorite wines even at 30,000 feet!

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