What is a Wine Club & How Does it Work? Is it Worth it?

is a wine club worth it

So you finally landed on an article about wine clubs after all those google searches. Thinking of joining one but wondering what it is and if it’s worth it to join?

Let me tell you now, yes it’s worth your money.

For those who don’t know what a wine club is, we understand why it might be confusing seeing the term thrown around so much.

Read through our article and you’ll be sure to understand what it is, how it works, and how you can become a wine club member too.

What is a Wine Club?

A wine club subscription is a service that you can sign up for and join, and it will give you offers and access to some of your favorite wines from a vineyard.

Not all wine clubs are the same however, different wine subscriptions offer different benefits not offered in every club. However, most wine clubs offer exclusive access to wine tasting events and wine bottles that you might not otherwise find in your local store or online.

What You Get From Joining a Wine Club

Being a member of a wine club typically means you’ll receive several shipments of wine to your doorstep multiple times a year. The packages that are delivered to you are curated shipments of wines based on your tastes and the varying level of expertise you feel you have when it comes to wine.

Wine clubs are able to get a sense of what their members want from them by asking people to take quizzes filling out their preferences for drinking and also asking people to rate the different wines they receive.

Types of Wine Clubs

There are thousands of wine subscriptions out there, good, bad, and mediocre. Wine subscriptions that specialize in red or white wine, etc. Before committing to a wine club, make sure to read up on each one so you can find what fits best for you.

Winery Wine Clubs

Many wineries have their own clubs they want you to be a member of.

They host special events just for members, have exclusive wines, tasting sessions, and discounts on the general wine, and can also offer complimentary bottles based on season and holiday too.

One of the main disadvantages that might come from joining a winery wine club is that you’re only able to select wine from the winery itself rather than from different locations around the nation or world, making your options more limited.

Wine of The Month Clubs

Wine of the Month clubs are the most popular types of wine clubs. This club is best for those who want to enjoy quality wines from the comfort of their home. With this type of club subscription, you get bottles of wine shipped to your house once a month, or any other type of frequency, whether it’s every few months or even twice a year.

Just like most other clubs, as a member, you get exclusive access to special events as well as discounts on the general wine from the club. You get different kinds of complimentary bottles based on holiday and seasonal occasions and some clubs also give you a free bottle on your birthday along with other wine shipments you order. A huge advantage of joining this club is that you get more access to wines from around the world. 

These clubs have both domestic and imported wines from the globe, from countries such as Italy and Spain to France and England. 

With this type of wine subscription service, you also get the option to return a wine and receive compensation if you didn’t like it. 

Local Wine Clubs

Local wine clubs are less popular than Wine of the Month clubs but are still unique in their own way.

These types of clubs can all vary based on location, meaning each club that’s local to a town or city can have different perks or benefits. Like most wine clubs they share the same general benefits such as having exclusive access to certain wines and events and also give you the option to tailor your choices towards your personal preferences. 

Why Do People Join Wine Clubs?

People like to join wine clubs because it opens them up to a whole different world.

Being in one of these clubs helps you to learn more about the finest wines in your region, nation, or across the globe. It helps you connect with like-minded people and small businesses. A wine club membership can be a great investment of your money if these are the things you value. Wine lovers alike can all find enjoyment in joining the club that’s right for them.

Perks You Get From Wine Club Membership

People that are members get exclusive perks that other non-members don’t.

They get access to bottles of wine that may not be released to the public yet. Wine club members also get to reserve bottles of wine, receive wine shipments, and purchase wine merchandise at a largely discounted rate, whereas non-members usually have to pay the whole price upfront.

People get to relax knowing that the wines they order are specially curated for their unique tastes, and picked out by experts.

It can be hard to pick out good wine if you aren’t already an expert at it. Most beginners in the wine world want to explore different wines but don’t know where to start. Different wines also appeal to different people based on age and other factors. For some people, wine is an acquired taste.

The team members of a wine club can give you certain wines based on the level of expertise you feel you have and also based on what kinds of wine you prefer.

How Do Wine Clubs Work?

If you’re wondering how they work, it isn’t something difficult to understand.

You subscribe to a company’s club and they ship you wine at different frequencies during the year. If you’re curious about joining a wine club, you can start by researching different companies and choosing the one you feel is the best fit for you.

Special Access

One of the top reasons people join these kinds of exclusive clubs is to get special access to things like members-only events like tasting sessions or information panels.

With so many wine clubs in the world, some are more popular than others. Here are some of the most well-known.

  • Wine Access

  • Naked Wines

  • First Leaf

Each of these clubs are popular for reason. If you want to learn more about them, check out the link yourself.

Why You Should Join a Wine Club

You should join a wine club if you love wine. It’s the perfect place for wine-loving people to gather and revel in the art of wine and all its extravagant flavors.

Joining a wine club helps you to learn more about the type of wine you’re consuming and gives you exclusive access to wines you otherwise wouldn’t have access to if you weren’t in the club. It also helps you to connect with more like-minded people can be a great way for you to make friends. 

You Save Money

One of the biggest pros you can have when joining a wine club is that you save money.

If you’re an avid wine drinker, whether it’s every day or once a week, or even once or twice a month, it would benefit your bank account to join a wine club because you save money on the costs of buying individual wine bottles each time. With wine clubs, you get discounts on all bottles, complimentary wines, and lower prices for shipping too.

When you pay for wine in a lot of stores, your money goes more towards the stickers and packaging of the bottle and the ad campaign rather than the quality of wine itself.

Ability to Try New Wines

The best perk you might get as a member of a wine club is access to various different types of wine. With any wine club you join, you’ll be able to try new wines, but depending on the wine club you join, you’ll get a larger selection than others. The best clubs have international reach and sell different wines from all around the world.

Social Interaction

Another great thing you get from joining a wine club is social interaction.

Perhaps you just moved somewhere new and you’re looking to make friends. A wine club could be a great place to start, especially if you don’t know anyone else in the area. You might start going to more VIP events and sit next to someone who eventually becomes your friend, all because you share interest in the same type of wine.

With clubs like Naked Wines, for example, you get the option to join different Facebook groups of people who are interested in the same types of wine as you.

Forums and Facebook Groups

These clubs sometimes have forums on their websites where the winemaker can post about their travels or their own wine, and members can comment on those posts. Following this, the winemaker can respond back and other members can also comment below your comment, making a chain of comments, and so on.

Talking to people who like the same wine as you, or joining a Facebook group full of people who love Pinot Noir might seem like a small or insignificant thing, but it’s a great way to meet people while also learning about your favorite beverage. 

Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

The social aspect of wine is a beautiful thing in my opinion. Wine is a social beverage; you open up a bottle at home to relax with your friends or in a restaurant with your friends or coworkers. You might open a bottle when you’re on a rooftop terrace or in a late-night bar at midnight. You can also enjoy wine in the early afternoon too, just sitting in your yard.

With good reason and no reason, you can always enjoy a bottle of fine wine. 

Wine clubs are a great place to learn more about your favorite beverage, try new varieties, meet people, and save up on money. Think about how much you like wine and whether a wine club membership is the right thing for you.

Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

If you’re still wondering whether or not wine clubs are worth it, first ask yourself how much you love wine.

If wine isn’t something you love or something you’re passionate about, it might not be worth it. However, if wine IS something you’re passionate about or something you want to explore or try with your friend, it could be very much worth it.

Joining a wine club can open you up to an entirely different world as you know it. You can always leave a club or cancel your subscription if you feel it isn’t the right fit for you, as most clubs offer a pretty flexible policy. However, if you stay in a wine club, you could learn a lot, and make some really good friends.

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