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Knowing which wine to buy from the grocery store is important because it can greatly impact the overall enjoyment of a meal or special occasion.

A well-chosen bottle of wine can enhance the flavors of food, create a festive atmosphere, and make a lasting impression on guests.

On the other hand, a poorly selected wine can take away from the meal and leave a negative feeling.

We’ve tasted many great Pinot Noir wines from all around the grocery store network in the United States and as per our expertise, these are the top grocery store Pinot Noir wines:

Best Pinot Noir at Publix

Our choice for a Pinot Noir at Publix wines is:

  • Replica Pinot Noir, Misbehaved

An outstanding Pinot Noir from the Anderson Valley, California. A delicate and jammy red wine with a fruit-forward profile, and low tannin content. It offers rich plum and black fruit aromas, with expressed flavors of sweet spices, dark fruit, and wild strawberry.

A great match would be pairing it with grilled duck breast, lamb chops, or maybe creamy Alfredo pasta.

It is an affordable Pinot Noir with an average price of 16-18 $.

Best Pinot Noir at Walmart

As a number one Pinot Noir at Walmart’s wine selection we chose:

  • La Crema Pinot Noir Sonoma coast

According to our team, La Crema from the Sonoma Coast is the best price-value Pinot Noir in Walmart wines. It has a balanced acidity and fine tannins, with aromas of dark fruit, figs, and ripe raspberries. On the palate, we have gentle flavors of wild strawberries, mushrooms, and blueberries.

La Crema Pinot Noir goes best with turkey, salmon, and all kinds of pasta.

The average price in Walmart is 20-25$

La Crema is also our Trader Joe’s top Pinot Noir choice, for which we have an article that you can read here.

Best Pinot Noir at Kroger

In Kroger’s wine list of Pinot Noir we chose:

  • Elouan Pinot Noir

This Oregon Pinot Noir possesses a light body, with pleasant minerality and soft tannins, aromas of cherry, spice, and tobacco, and flavors of black cherry, red fruit, and mushrooms.

When it comes to food pairing, a great match for this light Pinot Noir wine would be a grilled salmon, mushroom risotto, or chicken marsala.

You can find it at an average price of 30$.

Best Pinot Noir at Costco

As a number one Pinot Noir at Costco, we decided to award:

  • Hyland Estates Old Vine Pinot Noir

A very bright and elegant wine from the top Pinot Noir-producing region in the United States. Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs are well known for their elegance and glamour.

The Burgundy-like climate in Willamette Valley contributes to this wine’s silky tannins and smooth mineral aftertaste. It offers gentle aromas of red cherry, mushrooms, and earth, and flavors of black cherries, raspberry, and cinnamon.

We recommend enjoying this wine with a soft Pork tenderloin, Truffle pasta, or Veal Picatta.

Hyland Estates Old Vine Pinot Noir is a great deal at Costco’s wine selection and sells for around 17$ depending on the vintage. You can find this popular wine at almost any supermarket.

Best Pinot Noir at Safeway

Out of Safeway’s Pinot Noir collection, we picked:

  • Meiomi Pinot Noir

In the last 3 years, Meiomi has probably been one of the most famous inexpensive Pinot Noirs from California.

It is a medium-body red wine, with very fruit-forward tasting notes. Sweet cherry and chocolate on the nose, and a balanced palate with dominant flavors of dark fruits, spice, and vanilla.

The wine’s balanced acidity and mild tannins make it a great choice for food pairing.

Meiomi pairs best with venison, roasted poultry, or grilled lamb chops.

The average price for Meiomi Pinot Noir ranges between 21-24$.

Best Pinot Noir at Whole Foods

The award for the top Pinot Noir at Whole Foods goes to:

  • Josh Cellars Pinot Noir

This Californian Pinot Noir offers a medium body, well-balanced acidity, and delicate structure. It presents aromas of red fruits, vanilla, and fresh raspberry, followed by gentle flavors of sweet cherry, raspberry, and earth.

The wine’s mild tannins and mineral profile make it a great pairing choice for light meat dishes such as game, poultry, or even grilled tuna fish.

The price ranges between 16-19$.

Best Pinot Noir at Target

From Target’s wine cellar, we recommend:

  • A to Z Pinot Noir

A to Z is another great Oregon Pinot Noir that you can find on Target wine shelves. The cool climate in Oregon contributes to the gentle and delicate profile of this wine, allowing it to develop supple fruit and earth flavors of red cherry, mushrooms, and baking spice.

It will make a great match for grilled salmon with herbs, roasted chicken, and mushroom-based pasta.

The average price for A to Z Pinot Noir is between 19-24$.

Best Pinot Noir at Meijer

The winner Pinot Noir wine at Meijer according to our team is:

  • Belle Glos Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone

According to many wine lovers, Belle Glos makes some of the most elegant Pinot Noir wines in California. Belle Glos offers a bright fruit-forward profile with soft tannins. Aromas of ripe wild strawberries and raspberry, and flavors of cranberry, cherry, and licorice.

The French oak barrel aging process contributes to the vanilla, spice, and oak notes of the wine’s taste.

Pairs best with a lean-cut fillet mignon, game dishes, and all kinds of mushroom-based dishes.

Belle Glos Pinot Noir sells for an average price of 55$.

Best Pinot Noir at Albertsons

A great recommendation for Pinot Noir at Albertson is:

  • Martin Ray Russian River Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley Pinot Noirs are amongst the finest red wines in Sonoma County. Martin Ray Russian River Pinot Noir offers a well-structured flavor profile, with silky tannins and refreshing acidity. Ripe red fruits dominate on the nose, followed by crushed raspberry flavor, earthy spice, and a touch of vanilla.

A great match would be any light meat dish, fruit-sauced duck breast, and a light cheese such as Brie or Comte.

The average price for this Martin Ray wine is between 17-21$.


With so many good Pinot Noir wines available in the supermarket network, it can be overwhelming to choose the right wine, especially when you don’t know what to be on the lookout for.

However, by taking into consideration factors such as personal taste, food pairing, and of course your budget, you can easily make sure you’ve made a successful wine purchase and managed to enhance your dining experience.

Is this a good one?


Are grocery store Pinot Noir wines good?

Yes, there are so many good inexpensive Pinot Noirs across the grocery store network in the USA.

Which grocery store has the best Pinot Noir choice?

Difficult to say, but Trader Joe’s, Costco and Publix have a huge wine selection.

Is Boxed Pinot Noir good?

There are some good ones, and one of them is Black Box wines Pinot Noir, California.

Stan Kushkin

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