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tylza wine fridge

Tylza Wine Cooler Reviews

Tylza has only been on the US market for a few years, but they have made quite the impact. They offer simple, high quality wine coolers at unbeatable prices.

But do Tylza wine coolers check all the boxes when it comes to performance?

We’ve given several of their units a try, so you can confidently pick the perfect Tylza for your needs.

Tylza 46-Bottle Wine Cooler

Okay, we are starting our Tylza deep dive with the best 24 inch wine cooler for a small to medium wine collection. This Tylza wine fridge stands at 22.63″D x 23.42″W x 34.25″H.

It can hold up to 46 wine bottles, though the full capacity only applies if you store standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. Keep in mind, though, this full capacity applies only if you stick to standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. If you’ve got some larger ones, no worries—just use the bottom shelf to stash a few.

This Tylza unit is a dual-zone wine cooler. The upper zone ranges from 40°F to 55°F for rosé, sparkling, and white wines, while the lower zone is between 55°F to 65°F, perfect for red wines.

The smart temperature memory feature is like your refrigerator’s memory lane. If the power goes out, no worries – it remembers the temperature you set last time and picks up right where you left off when it’s back on. This way, you can be secure that no temperature fluctuations will harm your wines.

When it comes to design, hats off to the Tylza team – they really nailed it! This wine fridge not only does its job flawlessly but also adds a touch of style. It features a stainless steel door trim, handle, and front vent (which is cool because it lets you do a built in installation), a chic black shell, control panel, and interior, classy wooden shelves, and a soft, inviting glow from the blue LED lighting.

All in all, this Tylza 46-Bottle wine refrigerator is a real winner. Not only does it look sharp and perform like a champ, but it’s also easy on the wallet. Ready to upgrade your wine game with style and savings? The Tylza 46-Bottle wine fridge is calling your name!


  • Temperature memory function
  • Dual zone wine cooler with two temperature sections
  • Low noise operation
  • Safety lock
  • Can be used as a built in or freestanding wine refrigerator
  • Stylish design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great customer service


  • Shelves are removable but not adjustable

Tylza 154-Bottle Wine Fridge

Now, onto a wine cooler that’s just what the doctor ordered for wine enthusiasts with bigger storage needs. This Tylza unit stands at 27.16″D x 23.54″W x 65.74″H. It can house an impressive 154 bottles of wine (standard Bordeaux size, naturally). Talk about a wine lover’s dream—imagine never running out of options! Who needs a cellar when you’ve got this Tylza cooler?

This is a dual zone wine cooler with a temperature range between 40-65°F, making it suitable for any type of wine. It uses a strong internal fan to evenly circulate cold air, preventing temperature differences between shelves and creating a frost-free environment. The advanced compressor ensures quick and stable cooling, keeping your wines in perfect condition.

It has 14 shelves with a fixed sliding design that minimizes any wobbling or damage to your bottles. Also, you can use the bottom shelf for any bottles larger than standard size.

The design of this Tylza unit is absolutely beautiful, featuring stainless steel door trim and handle, as well as wooden shelves. Blue LED lights illuminate your wine bottles.

If your wine collection keeps growing and growing, this is the wine cooler for you. It will handle it without any hiccups. Plus, at that price, resisting it is honestly hard to imagine. Ready to upgrade your wine storage? Grab the Tylza wine cooler now!


  • Safety lock
  • Double tempered glass door
  • Can be used as a built in or freestanding unit
  • Low noise level
  • Temperature memory function
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great bottle capacity


  • Single zone cooling might be limiting for diverse wine collections

Tylza Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Okay, if you don’t like limiting yourself to just wine, then this is the right fridge for you. It’s a combo wine and beverage cooler, measuring at 22.63″D x 23.42″W x 34.25″H. It can hold up to 18 standard wine bottles and 57 standard cans.

This Tylza dual-zone cooler offers a temperature range of 35-50°F in the beverage zone, and for the wine zone, the temperature spans from 41-64°F. The powerful yet quiet cooling system ensures fast, steady cooling with accurate humidity control. Plus, it runs quietly at under 38 dB and with low vibration, creating a peaceful home atmosphere.

This dual zone wine and beer fridge is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen, enabling you to effortlessly adjust temperature and light settings with a simple touch. Additionally, you can secure your chosen temperature settings using the lock button. The fridge takes care of defrosting automatically every 6 hours, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

The Tylza unit also has a double tempered glass door on both sides and a seamless design for safe and efficient operation with proper air separation. The doors automatically lock when closed, and the soft-close feature, along with magnetic seals, ensures a gentle and secure closure. To prevent accidents, there’s a key lock at the bottom of the door for added safety.

In terms of design, picture this: lovely wooden shelves for your wines, adjustable glass shelves for cans, and soft LED lighting inside. The stainless steel French glass door, paired with handles and front vents, brings a stylish touch. It’s design simplicity with a classy twist!

Can you hear it? This Tylza wine and beverage cooler is calling your name! How about enhancing your drink experience? Secure yours today and start enjoying drinks at the perfect temperature!


  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Auto defrost function
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Safety lock on both sides
  • Beautiful design
  • Quiet and energy-efficient


  • No temperature memory function

Tylza 30-Bottle Mini Wine Fridge

If you have limited space, this Tylza unit is the one you should have your eyes on. It stands at a compact 23.03″D x 14.96″W x 33.46″H and can hold up to 30 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. Need a spot for those larger bottles? The bottom shelf’s got you covered, though it will affect the overall capacity a bit.

Now, let’s talk features! This dual zone wine cooler is like a wine wizard. The upper zone chills between 40-55°F, while the lower zone brings it at a cozy 55-65°F, catering to different wines’ needs. And here’s a cool trick: the smart temperature memory function. If the power takes a break, your cooler remembers the temperature you last set, no worries.

Operating this magic box is a super-easy with its user-friendly digital control system. You’ve got options for the LED light too – keep it on for only 10 minutes or all the time. And hey, security is key; that’s why it comes with a safety lock and 2 keys, guarding your precious wine collection.

It features a stainless steel glass door and a stainless steel handle. And guess what? Thanks to the stainless steel front vent, you can snugly fit it into your home like a built-in wine cooler, seamlessly blending with your space.

Inside, the wooden shelves create a cozy home for your wine collection, and the soft glow of white LED lighting adds a touch of elegance, making each bottle a star. It’s not just a cooler; it’s a part of your home, keeping your wines cool and your space chic.

Your sentence is clear! Here’s a slight adjustment and a call to action (CTA):

So, if space is tight but you still want the perfect temperature for your wines, this Tylza unit is waiting for you. Ready to make your wine moments even better? Grab yours now!


  • Compact size
  • Great price
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low noise level
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Temperature memory function
  • Can be used as a built in or freestanding wine fridge


  • The stated bottle capacity is only applicable if you exclusively store standard Bordeaux-sized bottles

Tylza 189-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

So, I have to come clean. I saved the best for last. This Tylza wine cooler measures at 27.17″D x 23.45″W x 76.77″H. Brace yourself—it can hold up to 189 wine bottles. Yes, you read that right, 189.

This versatile wine fridge, designed for both built-in and freestanding use, comes equipped with an adjustable temperature range spanning from 40°F to 65°F. You can tailor the temperature to your preferences with ease, creating the perfect storage environment for both reds and whites.

Inside this wine refrigerator, you’ll find 15 beech wooden shelves, and the bottom one offers ample space for large bottles. These shelves are adjustable, allowing you to customize the storage space. For added security, the fridge comes with a safety lock, ensuring your collection stays protected.

This Tylza wine cooler comes with an energy-efficient double paned glass door, working overtime to guard your wine stash. It’s like having a personal climate control assistant, keeping the temperature stable inside and saying ‘no’ to any glass fogging shenanigans.

Now, let’s talk vibes. Picture this: each cooling zone is decked out with cozy white LED lights, setting the stage for the ultimate wine-tasting rendezvous.

The final touch to this stylish ensemble? The stainless steel door trim, handle, and front vent, turning this wine cooler into a masterpiece of modern wine-cooling design.

Level up your space with the Tylza wine cooler. Grab yours now for the ultimate wine experience!


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great storage capacity
  • Bottom shelf for larger bottles
  • Temperature memory function
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Can be built in or freestanding


  • Single zone cooling might be limiting if you have different types of wines

Final Words

And we’re done, wine lovers! Our testing of Tylza wine coolers proved one very important thing – they are pretty great, and with some of the most affordable prices on the market, they’re a win-win.

Overall, they are highly reliable. Should your Tylza wine cooler ever malfunction, you can count on their excellent and very responsive customer service team (they truly deserve props for that, as it’s not the case with every manufacturer out there).

So, don’t hesitate! Get your hands on the Tylza wine cooler that fits your needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Are Tylza wine coolers a reliable choice?

Absolutely! Tylza wine coolers have proven to be a reliable option in our testing. They combine affordability with quality performance, making them a popular choice among wine enthusiasts. Additionally, if any issues arise, Tylza has an excellent and responsive customer service team.

Is Tylza considered a good brand for wine coolers?

Yes, Tylza has established itself as a reputable brand for wine coolers with reliable and efficient products at affordable prices.

Can I use Tylza wine coolers as built-in units or are they only for freestanding use?

Tylza wine coolers are designed to be versatile. While some models are suitable for freestanding placement, many are crafted for both freestanding and built-in installations. Make sure to check the product specifications to determine the compatibility with your preferred setup.

What is the warranty coverage for Tylza wine coolers?

Tylza wine coolers come with a generous one-year full warranty, providing comprehensive coverage for any manufacturing defects or issues. Plus, Tylza offers lifetime technical support, ensuring you have expert assistance whenever you need it.

Do Tylza wine coolers operate quietly, or will they create noise disruptions?

Tylza wine coolers are designed with low vibration and noise levels in mind, ensuring a quiet operation. This feature makes them suitable for placement in various living spaces without causing disturbances.

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