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NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews

Is NewAir among the best wine cooler brands on the market? Well, dear wine lover, stick with me and all your burning questions shall be answered. I’ve gone through the trenches, tirelessly researching and even testing a few of their units (yes, I know, chilling wine and drinking it, such a tough job, but someone had to do it).

So, sit tight and get ready for a wild ride as we delve into the fascinating world of NewAir wine fridges.

NewAir: Redefining Wine Cooling with Innovative Solutions and Stylish Designs

Established in 2001 by Luke and Mariella Peters, since it started NewAir has been dedicated to providing exceptional wine storage options. With their headquarters located in Cypress, California, NewAir operates at the heart of the wine cooler scene.

When it comes to design, their units exude sleek and contemporary aesthetics that effortlessly blend with any home or professional setting. Meticulously crafted using premium materials like stainless steel and tempered glass, these coolers not only offer durability but also enhance the overall visual appeal of your wine storage setup.

NewAir understands the importance of preserving your wine’s quality and flavor. That’s why their fridges incorporate advanced cooling technology, whether it’s the reliable thermoelectric or compressor-based systems.

In addition to their impressive designs and top-notch functionality, NewAir places great emphasis on manufacturing excellence. While some of their units are proudly manufactured in the United States, they also work with trusted facilities internationally, including manufacturing partners in China. Through rigorous testing and quality control measures, NewAir ensures that every wine cooler meets their high standards before reaching the customers’ hands.

NewAir takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. They back their wine coolers with reliable warranties and provide responsive support to address any inquiries or concerns. With NewAir, you can trust that your wine collection is in good hands.

NewAir 46-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Get ready to meet the wine cooler of your dreams! This baby has it all—style, function, and the ability to keep your wines perfectly chilled. It’s sized just right at 24″D x 23.5″W x 33″H, making it a versatile fit for any space. It can effortlessly blend in as a built-in unit or stand alone as a freestanding one. 

This beauty is designed to cater to both whites and reds (and anything in between), and it is a dual zone wine refrigerator. The upper zone is all about those refreshing whites, chilling them out at 40 to 55 degrees. And down below, the lower zone keeps your bold reds comfy at 50 to 66 degrees. 

And oh boy, does this wine cooler have the capacity to please! It can hold up to 46 standard Bordeaux-size bottles. That’s plenty of room to house your favorite sips and expand your wine collection.

Worried about temperature swings? Worry not! The trusty compressor (noiseless) keeps things steady, ensuring your wines are always in their happy place. 

Let’s talk about style, my wine-loving friend, because this wine cooler is a true fashionista. With its stainless steel door trim, handle, and front vent, it’s a showstopper that demands attention. The black interior, shell, and control panel add a touch of sophistication, creating a striking contrast that’s bound to impress.

And it doesn’t stop there. This wine cooler knows how to bring the “wow” factor. The beech wood shelves add a natural touch of class, while the soft blue LED lights create a mesmerizing ambiance that’ll make your bottles shine like stars on a magical night.


  • Dual temperature zones
  • Quiet
  • Removable shelves
  • Triple-tempered door protects against UV-rays
  • Built-in or freestanding installation
  • Safety lock


  • No temperature memory function

NewAir 28-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Let’s begin with the essentials – this stunning wine cooler is designed to enhance any wine lover’s home. With dimensions of 22.5D x 14.88W x 33.75H inches, it offers the ideal size for your wine storage needs.

You can choose between freestanding or built-in installation options, but it is also on our list of the best undercounter wine fridge in 2023.

Now, let’s get down to business. This NewAir wine cooler is a dual zone unit, with two temperature zones for your reds and whites. Basically, you get two wine fridges in one! The upper zone is perfect for your whites, with a temperature range of 40 to 55 degrees. Meanwhile, the lower zone is ready to accommodate your reds, with a temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees.

This NewAir wine refrigerator can hold up to 28 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles of wine, which may be a bit frustrating if you have larger bottles or a more diverse collection.

So, to save yourself from any headaches down the road, just plan accordingly and go for a wine cooler with a bigger capacity than what you need. That way, you’ll have enough room to store all your favorite wines.

Prepare to have your wine collection take center stage with this show-stopping wine cooler! The black stainless steel door trim, handle, and front vent give it a modern look. And the black interior, shell, and control panel add a touch of understated elegance to the design.

The real stars of the show are your bottles, which will be beautifully displayed on the light wooden shelves, illuminated by the soft blue glow of LED lights. With this wine cooler, you’ll not only keep your wine perfectly chilled, but you’ll also have a stylish and elegant addition to your home decor.


  • Compact size and versatile placement options
  • Stylish design
  • Reversible door
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Removable shelves
  • Quiet operation


  • 28 standard Bordeaux-size bottle capacity might be too limiting for some

NewAir 76-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

This wine refrigerator is not just your ordinary cooler, it’s a powerhouse of functionality. With dimensions of 23.43″D x 23.23″W x 47.64″H, it’s ready to accommodate up to 76 standard bottles of your favorite wines. Say goodbye to wine shortages and hello to a collection that knows (almost) no bounds!

But what truly sets this fridge apart is its dual zone capability. You can divide and conquer with ease, keeping your cherished reds and refreshing whites perfectly chilled in their respective compartments. 

The low-vibration inverter compressor is the secret weapon here, ensuring a steady temperature that never wavers. No more wine drama caused by temperature fluctuations!

And props to the user-friendly touch screen controls that put the power in your hands. With a simple touch, you can dial in the exact temperature range you desire for each zone (anywhere between 40°F – 65°F). 

You can shield your wine bottles from harmful UV lighting with the help of the double-pane insulating glass, so you can rest easy knowing your wine is protected from unwanted light exposure.

Picture this: a stylish black shell, an interior that screams elegance, and a control panel that’s as cool as can be—all in stylish black. And let’s not forget about those black wire shelves that are strong enough to hold your wine treasures with pride.

The door trim is crafted with stainless steel, adding a touch of modern sophistication that will make your friends go “Wow!” And when it comes to lighting, this fridge doesn’t disappoint. Soft LED lights create a mesmerizing atmosphere, turning your wine collection into a dazzling display that’s sure to impress.


  • Compact size for the capacity
  • Holds up to 76 standard wine bottles
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • Dual zone fridge
  • Hidden handle design
  • Touch control panel


  • Door is not reversible

NewAir Wine Cooler 27-Bottles

Standing at 17″D x 18.5″W x 33.3″H, this may be a shallow depth wine fridge, but it’s big on storing capabilities. With space for up to 27 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles, it strives to impress.

But here’s the best part: the compressor cooling system. It’s the wine guardian angel you never knew you needed. It tirelessly works to maintain the perfect temperature for your precious bottles, ensuring they’re always ready to be enjoyed.

The digital control panel, conveniently located on the exterior, lets you tweak the temperature from 39 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit without disturbing the serene ambiance of your precious wines.

With a built-in fan that keeps temperatures consistent and wine flavors intact, this fridge is your go-to for the perfect pour every time. And with double pane UV-protected insulated glass doors, your bottles are safe from those pesky sun rays that can mess with the flavor profile. 

Plus, it even has an easy grip handle and lock and key for those extra security-conscious wine lovers out there. (Usually, I just hold onto my wine like Smeagol holds onto the One Ring. But hey, a lock and key works too!)

But it’s not just about the looks, this fridge has got the goods. The sliding chrome shelves make it easy to access any bottle you desire, while the soft blue light keeps your collection perfectly illuminated for a quick and easy selection process.


  • Insulated door with UV-protection
  • Removable shelves
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Safety lock
  • Compact size


  • No temperature memory function
  • Single zone cooling might be too limiting for some

NewAir 19-Bottle Wine Fridge

Time for the last wine fridge on our list. Measuring at a compact 22.5″D x 11.75″W x 33.88″H, it’s the perfect size to fit into any nook or cranny.

With room for 19 standard bottles, this cooler may be on the smaller side, but it gets the job done. Thanks to a flexible temperature range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, you can create the perfect climate for your precious red wine, white wine, or whatever floats your wine-loving boat.

Oh, and did I mention the door is reversible? You can switch it up to suit the layout of your kitchen space, giving you the freedom to design and use your wine haven exactly the way you want. It’s all about customization and flexibility here.

And finally, a few words about the stunning design of this NewAir wine cooler. From its luxurious black shell, interior, and control panel, to the dazzling stainless steel door trim, handle, and front vent, this fridge is a sight to behold.

The control panel is designed with simplicity in mind, making it a breeze to adjust settings and set the perfect temperature for your wines. No complicated features or confusing interfaces here. It’s all about ease and convenience.

  • Small and compact; offers versatile placement
  • Great price
  • Good bottle capacity for the size
  • Ultra-stylish design
  • Removable shelves
  • Reversible door


  • Single temperature zone cooling might be limiting for some


What temperature range can NewAir wine coolers maintain?

NewAir wine coolers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature range typically between 41°F (5°C) and 64°F (18°C). However, specific models may have slightly different temperature ranges, so it’s essential to check the specifications for the particular wine cooler you are interested in.

Are NewAir wine coolers suitable for long-term wine storage?

Yes, NewAir units are suitable for both short-term and long-term wine storage. They provide a stable and consistent temperature environment that helps preserve the quality and flavor of your wines.

Is NewAir a good brand?

NewAir is widely recognized as a trustworthy brand that specializes in manufacturing a diverse selection of appliances such as portable air conditioners, wine coolers, beverage refrigerators, and ice makers. They have been in operation for several years and have gained a decent reputation for offering quality products.

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