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Ivation wine cooler

Ivation Wine Cooler Reviews

Are you feeling the motivation to buy an Ivation? Well, I must confess, I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of wordplay there. But let’s get down to business and find out all there is to know about Ivation wine coolers. 

Do they live up to the hype or fall short of expectations? I’ve done my research, conducted hands-on testing, sought advice from experts, and I’m armed with all the juicy details. After all, when it comes to wine cooling, there should be no secrets. 

So, let’s dive right into exploring the Ivation wine refrigerator reviews together, and uncover what makes them truly special.

Ivation: Embracing Innovation in the Art of Wine Cooling

Ivation has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of wine cooling solutions. With their headquarters situated in the vibrant city of New York, they operate at the heart of innovation and customer-centricity.

Within their product lineup, Ivation offers an array of wine cooler options to cater to diverse preferences and requirements. They have a thermoelectric wine fridge collection , which utilize advanced cooling technology to provide vibration-free and energy-efficient storage conditions for both red and white wines.

Ivation also provides compressor-based wine fridges, recognized for precise temperature control, ideal for larger collections or commercial use. Dual-zone options are available, allowing different wine types to be stored at optimal serving temperatures in a single unit.

Regardless of the chosen model or size, Ivation’s wine coolers are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. With sleek exteriors, tempered glass doors, adjustable shelves, and user-friendly digital displays, their coolers offer an appealing and practical wine storage solution.

While the majority of Ivation wine coolers are intended for freestanding use, if you’re set on a built-in appliance, we recommend exploring our Under Counter Wine Refrigerator Reviews.

Ivation 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

So, this unit right here holds the title of being Ivation’s most popular wine cooler, and boy, does it deserve that crown.

It comes with measurements of 13.58 inches wide, 17.72 inches deep, and a charming height of 30.31 inches. It’s like it came out of the factory and said, “I’m gonna fit perfectly in any cozy corner of your space.” It is also counted as a shallow depth wine fridge.

However, this little gem is strictly for freestanding use. Yep, no front ventilation here. But seriously, who would even think about hiding this beauty away in a cabinet? It’s got looks that could make a sommelier weak in the knees. 

It can hold up to 18 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. Now, here’s the deal. If you happen to have some bigger bottles in your collection, things might get a little tricky. You’ll need to take out a shelf to make room for them. 

But hey, every action has a consequence, right? By removing a shelf, you’ll have to bid farewell to a few bottle spots. It’s like playing a wine storage game of give and take. Not great, not terrible.

With a temperature control between 41°F to 64°F, this single zone wine cooler has got you covered for all types of wines. From sparkling and white wines that crave a cooler environment to red wines that prefer a slightly warmer embrace, Ivation wine coolers provide the ideal conditions for each and every bottle.

Now, onto features. First off, we have a double-paned glass door. And no, it’s not just for show. This door works overtime when it comes to insulation. It keeps the interior of the wine cooler nice and cold, creating the desired environment for your precious wine collection. It also acts as a shield against harmful UV rays. We all know UV light can be a real villain, causing damage to the tannins and flavor of our beloved wines.

This wine chiller features a streamlined, modern design. Its black shell, interior, door trim, and hidden handle create a stylish look that will complement any space. 

The stainless steel wire shelves in the wine cooler offer both elegance and functionality, providing a sturdy and adjustable space for your precious bottles. They are fully removable. Additionally, a display shelf allows you to showcase your favorite wines.

And there you have it, folks! This Ivation 18-bottle wine cooler is truly a showstopper, with its perfect measurements, stunning design, and impressive features. It’s like it was destined to be the star of your space!

So, why wait? Treat yourself to this crown-worthy wine cooler and let it transform your wine storage game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this beauty.


  • Compact size
  • Unbeatable price
  • Built-in fan maintains constant humidity levels inside
  • Easy-to-use exterior temperature controls
  • Minimalist design
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • Display shelf
  • Door lock and settings lock


  • No temperature memory function

Ivation 12-Bottle White and Red Wine Cooler

So, fellow wine enthusiasts, remember the wine chiller we talked about earlier? Well, this one’s basically the same, except it’s an eco-friendly version. Yep, this one’s all about saving the planet, one sip at a time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

In terms of size, this cooler measures 10.4 inches wide, 20.3 inches deep, and stands at a cool 25.6 inches high. Quite compact, right? 

When it comes to bottle capacity, this cooler can hold up to 12 standard Bordeaux bottles. And don’t worry, the removable shelves make it a breeze to customize the space and accommodate a bottle or two of different shapes and sizes.

This cooler is equipped with a top-notch thermoelectric cooling system that’s here to make all your wine dreams come true. And guess what? It’s soundless operation is not just good for your wines, but also for the planet and your electric bill. Talk about a win-win-win situation! 

With this innovative cooling system, you can create a consistent temperature environment for your wines, whether you’re looking to store them short-term or let them age gracefully. 

With a temperature range of 46°F to 64°F, you can fine-tune the conditions to bring out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long run. 

So, whether you’re a fan of red or white wines, this Ivation cooler has got your back. It’s like having your own personal—extremely small, mind you— wine cellar, right in the comfort of your home.

This wine fridge rocks a contemporary all-black design, complete with a smokin’ hot smoked glass door, metal shelves that mean business, and white LED lights that set the mood. 

Now, my wine-loving friends, it’s time to take the next step. Join the eco-friendly wine cooling revolution and give your bottles the home they deserve. Get your hands on this eco-chic wine cooler and let’s raise a glass to great wine and a greener future.


  • Thermoelectric single zone wine cooler
  • Maintains a constant temperature
  • Minimalist design
  • Great price
  • Quieter than other thermoelectric units
  • Compact size
  • Easy-to-read LCD display and control panel
  • Removable shelves


  • No door lock

Ivation 33 Bottle Wine Cooler

Alright, folks, time to turn our attention to another good wine cooler! This wine fridge measures at 19.4 inches wide, 16.9 inches deep, and stands at 33.4 inches tall. 

But here’s where things get really exciting: this cooler is compressor-based and boasts not one, but two temperature zones! The upper zone keeps your wines perfectly chilled within a range of 54 – 64°F, ideal for red wine lovers, while the lower zone offers a slightly cooler climate of 41 – 57°F for white wine. It caters to each of your wines, no matter their preferred temperature.

This wine cooler can hold up to 33 standard 750ml wine bottles. Some of the shelves are designed to accommodate bigger bottles, so you can squeeze in a few of your prized larger bottles without sacrificing any precious space. 

With its elegant black shell and interior, polished stainless steel handle and door trim, this cooler knows how to make a statement. But that’s not all—wait until you see the wooden shelves and chrome wire drawer that house your precious cargo.

White LED lights inside the wine cooler illuminate your collection. It’s the kind of lighting that sets the mood for a truly unforgettable wine experience.

So, my fellow wine aficionados, now it’s time to take your wine storage game to the next level. Embrace the praiseworthy qualities, the versatility, and the undeniable charm of this great wine cooler. And remember, wine lovers don’t whine—they wine!


  • Dual zone wine cooler
  • Maintains consistent temperatures
  • Perfect temperature range for red, white, and dessert wines
  • UV-resistant double pane glass door
  • Built-in lock
  • Removable shelves
  • Affordable


  • Has to be used as a freestanding unit

Ivation 28-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Time for the last wine cooler today! It stands at ‎17.7 inches deep, 16.9 inches wide, and 33.1 inches high.

This cooler is not just a one-trick pony—it’s a dual zone wine cooler! Both the lower and upper zone boast a temperature range from a cool 41°F to a delightful 64°F. 

It can hold up to 28 standard bottles. And guess what? The shelves are removable, so you can play a fun game of Tetris with wines and customize the space to fit any extra plump ones.

Now, keep in mind that this wine cooler is all about the freestanding life. It likes to stand on its own, commanding attention with its beautiful design. 

This wine cooler rocks an all-black scheme that exudes style from every angle. With a black interior and exterior, it’s like the cooler is dressed in a timeless black-tie ensemble.

The only contrast comes from the silver wire shelves that beautifully showcase your precious vinos. It’s like a little touch of bling to complement the cool black backdrop.

And there’s more to love! This wine cooler also features energy-efficient white LED lighting, because who said your bottles don’t deserve their own spotlight?

Now, who’s ready to bring home the coolest wine cooler in town? Get yours today and enjoy perfectly chilled wines and unforgettable moments with this stylish and feature-packed wine cooler.


  • Compact size
  • Quiet
  • Maintains a stable environment for your wines
  • Double pane door protects against UV-rays
  • Great price
  • Removable shelves
  • Security lock


  • No temperature memory function


Well, folks, that wraps up today’s lesson on Ivation wine coolers. I bet you’ve already got your eye on the perfect wine cooler, ready to be your new best friend.

Simply put, Ivation’s wine fridges are fantastic. They offer a bunch of great features at incredibly affordable prices. And hey, they get the job done without any annoying hiccups (unlike some other fridge brands). So, if you ask me, an Ivation wine refrigerator is definitely worth putting your trust in.

I hope this deep dive helps you make up your mind and take the leap. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves to enjoy their wine at the perfect temperature.


Do Ivation wine coolers come with dual-zone options for storing different types of wines?

Yes, Ivation offers dual-zone wine coolers, allowing users to store different wine types at their optimal serving temperatures within a single unit.

Are the stainless steel wire shelves in Ivation wine coolers adjustable and removable?

Yes, the stainless steel wire shelves in Ivation wine coolers are both adjustable and fully removable, providing flexibility in organizing your wine bottles.

Are Ivation wine refrigerators suitable for professional cellaring or commercial use?

No, Ivation wine refrigerators are designed for home use and personal collections.

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