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Avanti Wine Cooler Reviews

I bet you’re asking yourself the same question. After all, information about Avanti and their wine fridges can be a bit hard to come by. But worry not, for I’ve done my homework—both online and offline—and now I bring you a comprehensive collection of Avanti wine coolers.

My goal? To help you make the most important decision for all your wine chilling needs. Because no one should endure the cruel fate of poorly chilled wine…

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in to find you the best rated wine cooler!

Avanti: Providing Wine Cooling Solutions Since 1972

Avanti, a renowned wine fridge manufacturer, has been a leading player in the industry since its establishment in 1972. With a focus on microwave ovens, wine refrigeration and storage solutions, the Avanti brand has gained a reputation for producing high-quality products that cater to the needs of wine enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Avanti Products serves as the central hub for the company’s operations.

From administration and research and development to customer support, the headquarters facilitate the smooth functioning of the busines

Avanti WBC16Z1B-IS Beverage and Wine Chiller

Okay, first up we have one of the most versatile Avanti units. Standing at a compact size of 18.75 inches deep, 17 inches wide, and 20.5 inches tall, it’s a shallow space-saving solution.

So, here’s where the fun begins. You have three options to choose from, depending on your mood and drink preferences. 

Option one: wine refrigerator mode. It can hold up to 15 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles. Option two: beverage fridge mode. It has a capacity of 60 standard cans. 

Finally, option three: mix and match extravaganza! This wine fridge is so versatile that you can use it for both wine and cans. And it is one of the best quiet wine fridges on our list.

And here’s something important to keep in mind – this Avanti unit is designed for freestanding use only. But hey, that doesn’t mean it won’t find its perfect spot in your kitchen. In fact, it would make a fantastic countertop companion, adding a touch of functionality to your space.

One of the best features of this cooler is its auto-defrost function. Basically, you won’t need to go through the hassle of manual defrosting since this cooler handles it for you. Cool, right?

Now, for the bad news. This Avanti wine cooler doesn’t come with an interior light. But hey, don’t let that dim your excitement. Think of it as a mysterious wine sanctuary, where your bottles can hide in the dark and surprise you with their flavors when you least expect it. 

When it comes to features, this wine and beverage cooler may not shine with a plethora of bells and whistles, but it’s the perfect starter fridge with its small capacity and affordable price.

Don’t expect any miracles from it, but rest assured, it will get the job done. 


  • Versatile usage options
  • Compact size, perfect for small spaces
  • Good temperature range
  • Stylish black cabinet design
  • Exterior touch controls
  • Auto-defrost function


  • No interior light
  • Door is not reversible
  • Has to be used as a freestanding unit
  • No door lock

Avanti WCT6C4S Wine Cooler

So, let me tell you the coolest thing about this Avanti wine fridge – it’s thermoelectric (oh, how I love thermoelectric wine coolers)!

That means it keeps your wines at just the right temperature without making a racket.

And hey, it’s compact enough to be positioned on your countertop, measuring 20.25 inches deep, 9.75 inches wide, and 15.25 inches tall. 

Now, here’s the catch. If you’re all about that extra icy chill in your wines, this might not be the perfect match for you. With a temperature range of 45-65°F, it’s more like a cool breeze than an Arctic blast. But hey, don’t worry! It’s still got your back when it comes to keeping your wines at a comfortable serving temperature.

Okay, let’s talk about the design of this Avanti wine fridge. It’s got a streamlined black shell, interior, and control panel. The door is made of clear glass with a hidden handle design, giving it a modern and seamless look.

Oh, and one more thing to keep in mind: since this fridge is more geared towards everyday use, it may not have all the fancy features for dealing with bottle sediment. So, if you’re a fan of aged wines with a bit of character, you might want to consider a different option.

Now, let’s set the record straight. This unit may not be your go-to choice for long-term aging of those prized bottles. But hey, for your everyday wine cooling needs, it’s a solid option that won’t disappoint. Think of it as your trusty sidekick, always ready to keep your wines at the perfect temperature.


  • Portable size
  • Affordable
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Removable shelves
  • Exterior control panel
  • LED lighting


  • Not suitable for long-term aging
  • No door lock
  • Only holds 6 standard Bordeaux-sized bottles

Avanti WCF282E3SD 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

So, wine enthusiasts, there’s a reason I chose to review this unit. Unlike the basic fridges we’ve seen before, this dual zone unit is bursting with features – well, as much as an Avanti fridge could be. But the big question is: will it live up to the hype?

From bubbly sparkling wine to crisp white wine and even bold reds, this dual zone wine cooler can handle it all. With a lower zone range of 54˚ – 65˚F and an upper zone range of 40˚ – 56˚F, your wines will be in the perfect climate to reach their full flavor potential.

This wine refrigerator can accommodate up to 28 bottles of your wines. It’s versatile too, giving you the option to use it as a freestanding unit or even build it into your kitchen for that seamless look.

Need it to fit snugly under your kitchen counters? No problem! Its compact size makes it a perfect fit, and it is the best undercounter wine cooler on our list. 

It features a classy black exterior, a stainless-steel door, and practical roll-out vinyl-coated shelves with wooden fronts. Plus, it’s equipped with soft LED lighting that beautifully illuminates your wine collection, making it a stunning addition to your home bar, entertainment area, or kitchen. It’s the perfect combination of style and functionality that will showcase your wines in the best light!

Alright, let’s get real about this dual zone appliance. It certainly catches the eye with its stylish appearance and boasts more features than your average Avanti wine cooler. But, as Shania Twain would say, “That don’t impress me much.”

Considering its price tag, I expected a bit more bang for my buck. And unfortunately, it seems I’m not alone in my disappointment. Some customers have encountered issues with shipping, a faulty auto-defrost function, and less-than-stellar customer service.

While I can appreciate its great design, honestly, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend appliance.


  • Can be used as a freestanding or built-in wine cellar
  • Dual zone cooler
  • Stylish design
  • Auto-defrost function
  • Relatively quiet
  • Compact size


  • No door lock
  • No temperature memory function
  • Not enough features for its price


Are Avanti wine coolers energy-efficient?

Avanti are designing their units with energy efficiency in mind. They incorporate advanced cooling technologies that consume less power, helping you save on energy costs.

Can Avanti wine fridges be integrated into kitchen cabinetry?

Yes, Avanti offers built-in models that can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinetry, providing a sleek and customized look.

Are Avanti wine coolers equipped with a digital temperature display?

Most Avanti wine refrigerators feature a digital temperature display that allows you to easily monitor and adjust the temperature settings for optimal wine storage conditions.

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